The ScrewTape Dilemma EP

by Life Pupil

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Thanks for the support friends and family! I put a good amount of time and effort into this little project and i hope you guys enjoy it. Special thanks to my wife Mrs. Chelsea Bailey for her help in the support and production of this project and her patience in putting up with me being on the computer for long periods of time working on music.
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Brian The Artist


released August 18, 2015

Distracted Society- Written and prod. By Brian The Artist

Ignorance Aint Bliss- Prod. By Ryan Little, written By Brian The Artist

Driftin'- Written And Prod. By Brian The Artist Ft. Chelsea Bailey

Rappers Exposae- Written and Prod. By Brian The Artist



all rights reserved


Life Pupil Cleveland, Ohio

L.I.F.E. Pupil's is a Producer Emcee. His content driven lyricism layed over dusty drumloops and harmonious samples resembles that of the "Golden Era" of HipHop.

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Track Name: Distracted Society
welcome to the screwtape dilemma

murdered the inner critic but cool wit Jiminney Cricket
simile describes im a say it just how i feel it no
this is not a sermon more along the lines of a soliloquy
so i dont care who feelin me i know my purpose
im exposin lies from the pit, opening the eyes that are blind to the tricks
the world flesh and devil the true iniquitous triplet is responsible for usurping the minds of our children, with ignorant battle over the airways
hope to stimulate battle against the screwtape, Jesus always been a stumbling block, so if you sick of his name, turn off the beats by doc Dr.
hiphop is in dissarray, aye Pac a truly be in shock if he heard the hits that were out today, its no shock they spittin from a heart thats so depraved
you aint food but they watchin you move like you was pray
you a fool to portray a fool in a public way
your greed consumes and its poison you leading youth astray
screwtape you to fake like taupe i see right through ya
tryna raise my kid so they not tempted to pursue ya
but do i pursue ya, unconsciously do i "x" out my ruler
do i reference God but never no him like the interviewer
a victim of distraction need to hit myself with scripture get my mind renew look, dont be conformed to this world but be transformed
by the renewing of your mind lets brainstorm, on these issues
forgive me if im preaching but the pastor cant be passive on these issues here to give you a preview thru the peephole into my soul spent mo time in front of screens than more time with people look,
lost the art of conversation cuz screwtape replaced it, with entertainment got the kids fightin for my engagement
lazy with the way i raise em daily my temptation my patience havent been great with them who i imitatin, i lack the fruit that i see in 5 chapter of galatians so what im truly paintin
it aint Picasso but i thank Him that his grace colossal
is chaos the new normal for us human being
does technology distract us from the bigger picture
desensitizing us to think reality a dream, i dont know.
Track Name: Ignorance Ain't Bliss
So this is what i choose to talk about...

Verse 1
Savor my flavor like a t-bone lick lyrical nourishment its purposes behind what I spit fire sip this cold truth to combat that lack nothing but the sack with the cold Fifth coldest you know this I'm focused a pro with the syllables to assist the truth to the lost they're double dribblers they ain't got a clue of who they belong to youth views skewed cuz this music is too foolish they influenced by these tunes more than you think so I mass produce tracks to move Wackness to extinction as long as I'm blinking my songs will be reaching into the souls of those who truth-seeking one reason for your existence that Jesus anybody doubting that I love them and I'll feed them one mic one life many wrongs one right many wrongs need a sacrifice for eternal life

A lie a travel faster than the time it takes for truth to get its boot straps on truth is hard to hear gonna be tough getting heads nodding to this song because they want to hear that garbage that's why they starving ignorance and bliss it's a death sentence ignorance ain't bliss is a death sentence

Verse 2
Desperately wicked naturally selfish all have witnessed capable of the most iniquitous since existing we detest the sex trade but on the flip we enslaved to sex projection on the web Charlotte would be jealous evil fetish we relish in no medicine could fix the obsession for darkness we have accumulated and it's pathetic when our species sees a set of rules in place and in our minds we just get more tempted to wrestle them I see gentleman being led by Geppettomen who's blind to the strings so it seems they just have settled in to the American dream sold on a scene so serene sublime so they had to buy regardless of the digits the devil in the blessing business but bilal is witty have you thinking God did it have you standing on two prosthetic lies for limbs and when you realize you've been reeled in by lies your whole life then you want to cry forgiveness
Track Name: Driftin'
Lately I've been driftin
away from you, away from you
i know i need forgiveness cuz I've been driftin
away from you, away from you

Waking up wit the wrong things on my mind
as of lately ain't be reflecting the grace that is mine
before i take a step out of bed i should thank your broke
body and the blood that you shed represented by the wine and the bread
so as i spread this welches on my toast i should toast for the things that you did but as of lately ive been driftin' in need of forgiveness knee deep in my interests recieving too much and not giving as often as i should
if sinning was a tree than i guess ill be the woods
if lust was a disease than i know id be infected
part of my present stresses been better in retrospective
guilts been weighing heavy and i need this weight to lessen
scripture always help to correct my perspective
but aint be reading much so his word i aint digestin
probably the reason for my malnourished spirit
listenin' to sermons but i aint tryna hear it
disobedience is keepin me from gettin nearer
lookin in the mirror hope to see a little Jesus there
told my wife to catch me if i fall i made her pinky swear
if i live now i will suffer later, i rather suffer now in order to meet my maker later, i need prayer to complete this
to be a slayer of this oppression to God i rest in aka the flesh man
lookin foward to my new body cuz this one is dirty and would disintegrate in front of Almighty God, no visine can clear up what ive seen and no soap can make me clean just a canteen filled with nothing but the blood of Jesus anything less i should be sent to hell with gasoline vest and sneakers, anything more send me with methane infused overalls and draws so i can burn long in other words prolong punishments what i deserve, cuz im indebted like one half of the prenup participant ya heard, thats why his grace is so appreciated from sinning i deviated his wrath he alleviated, i greedy wit the flow you ask me where the beats i ate it that line was random probly askin how that correlated my faith as strong as Samson dance as if i was related to the king David of the bible Samuels one of my favorite books in the old testament and its still relevant, how can you read the word of god and have no change in temperament, save myself embarrassment and cherish him with all my heart, lately ive been missing the mark, feeling like im pissin you off

thanks for waiting but Lord it seems as though im driftin
i know you love but im driftin i know you love me but im driftin
i really really need forgiveness
Track Name: Rappers Exposae
If hatred never was present love would never be evident/And people just live how they want and put all the problems on president/But Obama cant put it all on Osama/and Osama cant put it all on his mama/And i dont know who's to blame for spittin so vicious on beats like a snake wit a llama sick llama/
Im bout it bout it, no master p/(uhh adlib)
Just tryna please my master/
And make Him proud of me/
Aint it obvious that im eating these beats like im on a vegetable diet/stomach touching they back, they hungry for truth but never can find it/the truth is found in Jesus Christ never keep that in confinement/not ashamed in that what is ashame is keeping it quiet/when your heart has been changed by him theyres a change in assignments/so its time to unleash the beast like unlocking a cage of lions/im lockness wit the way im rhymin/ my topics infused wit knowledge/my doctrine aint come from college/Its Holy Spirit enlightened/tryna get all people to see where my hope lies its not in dollars/cuz money just come and go but the cross is forever solid/im picking up mine and followin'/pickit sign read no tolerance for wack lyrical content/im rhymin never for profit/its for the love that im doing it/couldnt afford to pay an engineer to record so i coped the mic and now im doing it/ please excuse the unpolished sound, still improving it/ im selfish if i didnt let the world hear what im doing with/this God given talent shelving Favorite Rappers like your Grandmas favorite pack of crackers/lettin haterz just stack up/most of these catz is booty backward/cracked fronts/ is what they gon have when they feel the jab from this punch/ line no prom, mo time isnt promised/HipHops got a crooked smile im a be its orthodontist /Straighten up Straighten up, cuz broad is the path to destruction/,you aint growin' u just gettin older Benjamin Button/portrayin a false id on media sites they mcluvin/how u gettin money and every 5 seconds postin something/Puttin on a kosher luncheon thats good food for the soul/sole purpose fo this flow gettin the gospel exposed/Representing Christ until my epitaph is in stone/Half these rappers rippin off half the raps that they wrote/never panic when writers blocks come this art bleeds from the soul/made in the image of an infinite God ruling the globe/So this material is inexhaustible, heard the radio and made a face like i smelled an exhaust thats blowin' fuemy smoke/the nonsense is gross/ this either pumpin out the speakerbox/feeding like some leeches off these ignorant speeches cannot/be yo only means of recieving fuel for your dreams cuz most of this entertainment is tanted by hidden money plots/i can hear some stomach's drop/cuz Vinci's taking someones spot/not to make my name known but to preach his word to needy hearts/i never will just be hot for a season these rappers flipflop/running a faithful race for my King dis just a pitstop/